The Cricket School of Excellence was established in January 2020. The company was built based off the ever-developing coaching philosophy of our head coach, Christopher Marrow. With a professional background in the game, representing South Western Districts in South Africa, Chris has travelled to various countries around the world, to deliver his duties as a professional player coach. 

After finishing school in South Africa, Chris was immediately off to the UK, playing and coaching at various clubs around the country. This then led to further seasons in Australia and South Africa. Chris has gained a wide range of exciting cricketing and coaching experiences and has been exposed to the different cultures that cricket has to offer. Chris has worked for highly established cricketing bodies in their respective regions, including the likes of Buckinghamshire CCC, Berkshire CCC as well as the Western Australian Cricket Association. This has all lead to Chris achieving a highly respected ECB Level 3 Coaching Qualification, a coaching badge that very few coaches have within the country! He has been recently been appointed the Head Coach of Gerrards Cross Cricket Club, along with The Cricket School Of Excellence taking over the junior coaching program within the club!

With a great passion and track record for working in various junior and secondary schools around the world, Chris and his Cricket School Of Excellence team run cricket and fitness related programs on a termly basis, covering all the necessary needs and wants that your school may require. Chris is currently a lead coach for the Buckinghamshire CCC age group squads.

Whilst on his duties abroad, Chris studied an advanced diploma in Personal Training and Nutrition through (HFPA Fitness Academy). An important part of his life, Chris is passionate about well-being, both physically and mentally. He incorporates his personal training expertise into his cricket coaching, providing the perfect package for our CSE players.




We're a professional cricket coaching business, passionate about junior cricket development. We work with amazing players of all abilities, wanting to better their games, through unlocking unkown potential. We strongly encourage our players to enjoy the game, through a positive mindset.


We run our PRIVATE COACHING services, as well as our HOLIDAY CAMPS from the amazing facilities at Gerrards Cross Sports Club. A picturesque ground, with a vibrant atmosphere all year round, it’s a fantastic ground to deliver our popular coaching services. We run advanced coaching sessions in various schools through our ever increasing SCHOOLS BOOKING services. We're extremely busy during school holiday season, running several holiday cricket camps! Covering all three disciplines of the game through our camps have been a massive success, attracting players from around the county, and beyond!


Passionate, dedicated, enthusiastic and hardworking best describes The Cricket School OF Excellence as a cricket coaching company. Player development and enjoyment is a fundamental part of our on-going journey. We will always put our players needs and wants above all, as we believe that a happy cricketer is a better cricketer. We fully understand that cricket is a sport where one shoe doesn’t fit all. We encourage our players to find ways which work for them, and allow for the expression of individuality. Fitness plays an important part in our coaching philosophy, strongly believing that it only benefits our players mentally and physically. We work with boys and girls of all ages, and all abilities. Our coaches are highly personable and approachable. We’re wanting you to enjoy your experience with us and build a long lasting, exciting relationship with you!